Our Scarlett and the value of an image….

Scarlett is seven weeks old and time sure has flown by.

I have since then been taking great joy in photographing out little girl many times on a daily basis.  For myself and Ryan both being photographers of course you would all expect that our bub will be one of the most photographed babies around, and yes so far she is!  In four weeks I had taken just on 846 images, averaging 24 images per day.

Most of this time she is asleep in the photos!  No complaints here… Our Scarlett really is a joy to have in our lives in every way.  She is a lovely, peaceful baby that sleeps well and cries very little.  Hoping that this continues but only time will tell.

I thought I would share with you a recent shoot we did of our little cherub.  I thought this shoot would turn out pretty cool.  I wanted a shot of our little girl that also depicted how we were as a couple.  I think Ryan and myself are pretty creative people.  One thing we collect and cherish is our book collection.  I have bookshelves at work and at home that are filled with books that we love.  Most of them are photography related of course.  My wedding album is now even a book that takes pride and place in with all of our other favorite books.  One day in the near future I’m sure there will also be a “Scarlett” book telling the tale of her time here with us so far.

So with this being said below my favourite image from the shoot.  This shoot was taken to mark Scarlett being four weeks old, and I’m almost ready for another shoot as in the last three weeks she has changed so much.

I tell you this shoot was not easy.  What do they say?  Never work with kids or animals.  Well the time it took us to get Scarlett onto the pile of books, comfortable, not crying or pee-ing (sorry Pirelli you will never be the same!), me ducking behind in case she fell off.  It was well worth it for us even if we do eventually need to buy a new copy of the complete collection of Perelli!

I cant wait to bring these pictures out at her 21st Birthday!

It made me think about how we can be more creative with portraits.  I’ve got tons of idea’s flowing (which I will share with you in the future) and now just need to find some willing people that want to share their loves and personalities within a portrait rather than just taking picture for the sake of being cute or pretty.  The value of an image grows more and more each day.  Often people take what life is offering them for granted and don’t stop to appreciate or document the beauty in their life.

Wether it’s by having a professional shoot done once a year or just getting snap happy at home it’s so important that we cherish and value images.  They really do say so much and grow more valuable with age.

I can only imagine how much I’m going to love these images in 20, 30 or 40 years time and I can only hope that the value of an image for everyone we deal with in our line of work stays strong.

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