NSW AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012!

We are very proud to announce that Ryan Schembri for the second year running has been awarded NSW AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year!  He was thrilled to have won this award in 2011 and to take it out again in 2012 with even more entries into the competition he is elated!  After a year of hard work its times like this that help you be able to sit back and appreciate your talents.

This year Ryan entered four images that were almost exactly as they were shot out of camera.  Below are the awarded images in which two were awarded Gold and two Silver.  The main Photoshop work that was done was just toning and selective darkening and lightening of some areas.  I think that to win such an amazing award with images that are captured beautifully in camera rather than spending hours on end in Photoshop creating images is a huge achievement for Ryan and what the awards should be about!  Our industry is constantly evolving and changing and to be awarded for great photography really is an honor.  Thank you to all the judges who appreciated his images enough to score them so well.

We are very proud to have the trophy on display in our studio and as proud as I am as his wife to be sharing this news with you it was also a very proud moment as a parent.    Scarlett (our three month old) was also there at the awards dinner to share in our excitement.  A few personal pics off the iphone (how unprofessional of us) are also featured below. Congrats to all of the other category winners as well!

I’m sure a lot of the Aussie photographers are all geared up for APPA in May of this year.  Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Romonia Isaac 02/04/2012 12:02 am #

    Congratulations Ryan!! What an honor and such a well deserved award. I absolutely love all four portraits but the bride laying on the staircase in that gorgeous dress shot from above is sick! Sick in a really good way!! Cheers to you both and your baby girl is a doll! I love her red hair! I wish you both continued success.