I recently shot this series of images for the gorgeous Erina to help her mark a very special time in her life.  She is expecting her first child!  Due to be born early September 2012 Erina wanted a shoot that could help to remind her of the body she had pre-baby and thought it would also help to inspire her to get back to this body after the baby was born.  And might I say what an amazing body she has!  Please note she was also 13 weeks pregnant in this shoot.

The shoot actually took place in my apartment.  I had planned out the posing I wanted to do which is quite easy to do ahead of time and took under 40 images to find these five to use.  The shoot took abut 15 minutes.  The retouching of these images has been kept to a bare minimum – most of the work done in Photoshop was to tone the images and paint with light to help make each image as flattering a possible for the beautiful Erina.  I see far too many “boudoir” images these days that are so heavily retouched that #1 you can’t recongise the person and #2 there is no point to having the shoot done to not be confident knowing you can be proud of it because it is you looking your best….. right?????

Well in my opinion and god knows I feel this way!  All of us would like a little improvement here and there.  We all feel there are few too many laugh lines and a few too many curves I’m sure.  But why go and get a shoot done to ideally show off to all of your friends, family and I’m sure your partner or husband and have it retouched so much they wont believe it was you.  Now don’t get me wrong – you all know that Photoshop is my best friend :o) but following a few simple ideas to get the images as close to perfect in camera helps hugely.  Saving me time in post and making our beautiful clients feel even better being able to rest easy knowing that 90% of what they see is actually them – not a liquified, blurr-ified version!

Simple is best – look for the light and pose for the light.  The first three images were all shot on the same wall – side lit with a reflector facing the window to help balance out the light.  Easy right?  Then the tone from the third image down was simply created when I exported the RAW from Capture One.  The third image you will notice more of rim of light on Erina on her left hand side – I moved her closer to the window and took away the reflector.

The last two images (more dark and moody) were actually taken on my small balcony.  Yes she was outdoors for these images!  Because I had planned my two poses I told her in advance – we raced out there and got the shots within minutes.  I chose that spot because the wall was painted darker – I like the dramatic side lighting and it gave a new set of images for Erina to choose from rather than just more poses in the same light….

Use yourself (if your a female) to show the client how to pose.  If your male and not really digging that idea – have a look book of shoots you have previously done so you can guide them that way.  It helps the client to know what they are doing and help the shoot be quicker which normally means the clients wont start feeling tired, over it or uncomfortable!

So there you have it… a simple, beautiful shoot of a gorgeous mum-to-be!  Enjoy…

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  1. Romonia 03/04/2012 7:55 am #

    Gorgeous portraits Jess!! What a sexy & beautiful mum-to-be as well. You captured her radiantly and I love your post. Very informative and insightful–thank you for sharing! I could not agree more with you about over-retouched boudoir photos I have seen! It is so refreshing to see portraits that are sexy and beautiful as well as artistic and intriguing. XoRo